Multiple Facebook Accounts

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Safely?

Is it possible to create multiple Facebook accounts and manage them simultaneously? It is possible. If you need to know more, jump through the article to the end and learn detailed guides and tips.

Marketing is not an easy task. Specifically, it is hard to manage social media platforms and create brand awareness with relevant audiences. For one reason or another, you might need multiple social media accounts to manage your business quickly.

But we understand that when you try to create multiple Facebook accounts, you can easily be detected and risk your primary account. And today, Facebook policies have been updated to be more strict when opening Facebook accounts.

Most people are out there complaining that they cannot create a new Facebook account for one reason or another. This is because Facebook only authenticates accounts with genuine identities. Thus, they have reduced users to not exceeding more than one personal account. And today, they advise those with multiple Facebook accounts to move the details to one central account.

However, one can create multiple business pages or accounts without facing strict limitations regarding business accounts. And what is one what to create multiple Facebook accounts? Well, read our article to the end since we are now diving deeper into the details.

Can You Create Multiple Facebook Accounts?

Can You Create Multiple Facebook Accounts

The main reason people wish to create multiple Facebook accounts is mostly to separate their social media life or separate business from personal life. Therefore, as long as Facebook does not allow users to create multiple Facebook accounts, still, it is possible to open various Facebook accounts.

A good instance is the professional Facebook account, business account, and personal account, which separates your life under different scenes.

The fact is that marketers and influencers can never utilize their accounts while creating brand awareness through running ads to reach out to potential clients. Such people need multiple Facebook accounts, which goes beyond creating a single account per potential client.

The other reason you need multiple Facebook accounts is privacy concerns. While Facebook is open to the public community, anyone can access your details from anywhere through your profile. Sometimes, it does not depend on if the person seeking your detail is your friend on Facebook or not.

Also, there is a situation when you need to test some products or stuff that does not require your primary account since you want to remain anonymous, and your friend should not know that you are linked to the services. Thus, you can create multiple Facebook accounts and keep the information private through an anonymous account that is not linked to your primary account.

Lastly, you can also open multiple Facebook accounts just for backup purposes. When you go again the Facebook policy or community guidelines, Facebook can quickly ban or shadowban your account hence losing everything for good. But with the backup account, you will not have to start everything from scratch. What you have to do here is to simply switch the account which also has the same friends and proceed with your business.

Therefore, there are various methods you use o create multiple Facebook accounts. Here are some of the top techniques on how to go about this.

Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Manually

Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Manually

The first on this list is to register multiple Facebook accounts manually. This method is most preferred when the account you need to create is not that much. You only need to visit the Facebook website and proceed by completing the account. The procedure is simply the same as making the first account. Most of the methods and guidelines we covered in the previous article.

However, you should be aware that, anytime you might be going again, the Facebook community guidelines when you have multiple personal accounts. Therefore, when you go against any of the policies, you are subjected to various consequences, including disabling your Facebook account.

Consequently, you should ensure you use the unique phone number or email address for verification. Remember, it is one email ID or number per a single account.

Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Automatically

Secondly, you can create multiple Facebook accounts automatically. This is very vital when you need to have plenty of accounts once. But here, there are 3 main methods you can count on to come up with automatic accounts. However, your selected method depends on your budget and the number of accounts you target to achieve and manage simultaneously.

Then when you are well equipped with the programming knowledge, you will have an easy time automatically and have the account ready in the shortest time possible. Also, it would be best if you were well versed with the ins and outs of using the automation tool, or else you will easily be detected and banned before managing to create automatic accounts. Thus, if you are not well versed in the programming language, we encourage you to get someone professional to help you.

You can count on an account creator tool such as PVA Creator when you understand that you can afford it. This tool is effective and comes with the anti-browser fingerprints technology that complicates the process for Facebook to pin a particular account to the browser. However, we recommend using this tool when you need to have a good number of Facebook accounts in the shortest time.

How to use PVA Creator:

It is s simple tool to use here.

Step 1: When you launch the software from the dashboard, select Facebook and proceed to add the new campaign name and account. The account is the number of Facebook accounts you need to make in a single process.

Step 2: Then, you can proceed to improve proxies in the following windows. We will also recommend using one account per proxy.

Step 3: Then, choose the register method: email address or phone number. And tap next

Step 4: To finish the captchas and select the code from the country you wish to use to register your Facebook accounts; once you are done, tap finish and navigate to the settings and set the number of threads per thread column. This is the debug window you need to run simultaneously.

Step 5: The PVA creator tool will automatically register the Facebook accounts until you have the needed account number. You can set the time interval based on your needs.

Or you can create multiple Facebook accounts with automated account creation tools or programming.

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Safely?

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Safely

On the internet, some of the most potent tools online are the AI and Facebook anti-spam detectors. You need to shield yourself when you want to operate multiple Facebook accounts. Else, you will be detected.

All this can be achieved with the use of relevant proxies. Proxies are vital and effective in creating multiple Facebook accounts, be it automatic or manual methods. They tend to act as the link, if not intermediary, between the person and the requesting website acting on your behalf.

Thus, before you access your Facebook account, the proxies send the request through the proxy servers before reaching the Facebook server. The vice versa is the same when Facebook sends back the request, including the contents. These contents first pass through the proxy, which forwards to your devices to access.

Thus, you can count on proxy when creating multiple Facebook accounts. You are kept safe by switching between different IP addresses while masking your actual IP address. When you risk creating various accounts only with one IP address,  the server will detect it and eventually block your accounts or your IP address.

Otherwise, a relevant proxy will give you access to millions of IP addresses worldwide. This means that you can use IP addresses from different regions. Thus, we recommend switching IP addresses once you create a single account and vary using countries such as the US, Canada, Kenya, China, etc.

You will need proxy more when you are a marketer or asocial media influencer that dens on multiple Facebook account to create brand awareness. This is because no bot will be effective with you getting reliable proxies.

There are many companies online which are reliable and offer good coverage. For safety purposes, we recommend using residential proxies, such as Smartproxy, Soax, Bright Data, etc.

Tips for Creating Multiple Facebook Accounts

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts Safely

Before you start using the multiple accounts we have just created in the above sections, there are some precautions you need to take seriously. This is because it requires a lot when registering an account and operating multiple accounts; you need to be careful and pay attention to the below tips if you want to stay safe:-

1. Mind the browser fingerprints

Sometimes, an IP address was the only requirement one needed to hide while making multiple Facebook accounts. But today, a computer depends on the browser settings when registering their Facebook profile. Even without using your local IP address, Facebook can easily detect you.

This is why you should use a tool like the PVA creator for the safety of your anonymity, as it comes with the anti-fingerprints technology capable of hiding the footprints on your browser. Thus, could you get the latest version and utilize it?

2. Collect cookies, then sue them with other accounts

Facebook also relies on cookies to detect the behavior of certain Facebook users. While it is hard for Facebook to access your browsing history to get the site you are using, they often count on the plugins and tools like the comment system as well as Facebook pixels to access the details.

Using the above tools, they plant the cookies into the browser, which you can utilize for your benefit. But, you are not entitled to create an account and start using how you want to as you need to get slow so that you can collect the Facebook cookies and utilize them in the new Facebook accounts.

This loses the grip of your Facebook accounts. Install eh Facebook pixel helper and collect the cookies on the browser.

3. Separate IP addresses/proxies

You must use proxies or switch IP addresses when logging in and out of different Facebook accounts. In reality, one IP address is only entitled to register a total of 3 Facebook accounts. However, we recommend corresponding to one IP address per account to avoid detection and banning.

4. Separate browser environment

When you want to access these multiple Facebook accounts, you will need to use a different browser environment to log in and log out without being detected successfully. Thus, when you change the browser, it also changes the browser fingerprints for logging in and registration which can cause problems for your account. Therefore, ensure you configure a separate browser environment for each Facebook account to be safe.

Avoid login into your account and logging out often. Thus, only keep your account online for a specific time duration. If not, then Facebook will assume that your account is at risk and keep it in the safe mode.

5. One person, one browser, one account

When using multiple Facebook accounts, ensure you pay much attention to the anti-association. The browser environment, account information, and IP addresses must be independent and authentic.


Facebook is a rigorous social media platform. While other people need to operate multiple Facebook accounts for reasons. In our article today, we have covered various methods through which you can create multiple Facebook accounts; we have also covered some essential tips on staying safe and the precautions you need to take.

There is an excellent value in operating various Facebook accounts. While you might be in need, take the necessary precautions and utilize proxies to stay anonymous and mask your real Ip address. Otherwise, you will be detected and your account banned.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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