Multiple Instagram Accounts

How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Do you want to create multiple Instagram accounts and do not know the maximum number of accounts one is entitled to have? Then you are about to find out and learn how to create multiple Instagram accounts. Keep reading with us to the end.

Instagram is a popular platform for marketing business products and socializing. However, looking from a business point of view, having one Instagram account is not just enough to handle the pressure. Irrespective of your business deals, you must separate your business from your personal life.

As long as you need the audience to create brand awareness, you also need a separate space to interact with friends and family and connect with people worldwide. You might be astonished, but managing multiple Instagram accounts is much easier than having different characters under one profile.

The good news is that, instead of logging out of the Instagram account from your device, today, Instagram allows you to log in to different accounts and simply switch between them wherever you want without the need to log out. Never get stuck; we are just getting started if you have a question.

Read along and let us find out what multiple Instagram accounts encompass and what the maximum account platform allows you to have.

How Many Instagram Accounts Can You Have?

How Many Instagram Accounts Can You Have

Based on the Instagram policies, each user is only limited to creating up to a maximum of five Instagram accounts. With these, you have the option to switch between the accounts without the need to log out. However, this does not limit you to having a maximum of five Instagram accounts. On social media platforms, you can always evade restrictions. Other than logging out of the account and replacing it, there are also other options that we will cover later in the next section.

However, the option to login into an Instagram account for up to five accounts is only valid when using the android or iPhone application. When your app cannot accommodate five accounts, you should consider updating to the latest version from the app store or play store based on the kind of device you are using.

Therefore, the best answer to address this question can be yes and, at the same time, no, where everything depends on the intention of the accounts. But one thing you must take to the bank today is that Instagram does not stop you from creating multiple accounts and managing them. But, the limit remains at 5 when using the same device. If you need more than five accounts, our case does not allow you to use the same number or email address and one device.

Instead, Instagram will restrict you, and as such, you must make sure that you link the accounts t the same browser environment, device, and personal data. Otherwise, the specific method is here.

Why Is It So Hard to Have Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Why Is It So Hard to Have Multiple Instagram Accounts

This is a stressful issue, and most people do not understand the secret behind the problems. To start with, Instagram has one of the most robust anti-soam systems, which ranks high among online social media platforms. Besides having an efficient, intelligent, and effective anti-spam system, Instagram is also very aggressive in enforcing the community guidelines and policies among the users.

Though we have mentioned that Instagram allows you to create and manage up to five accounts on one device, It is hard to go beyond the number. Therefore, you must know that you are heading to their red zone, and they can take any action once they detect it. This is because the platform relies on different technologies while tracking different accounts.

The only exception is when you have kept accounts unique and separate on different devices. If not, there is a very high chance that the browser footprints would reveal your accounts in the end. The consequences are worse, and one thing Instagram can do least is to suspend the account. Otherwise, you are subjected to getting banned or shadowbanned.

Instagram also uses the local IP address, cookies, and user agents besides the browser fingerprinting and contact details to trace your other linked accounts. To succeed, you must keep everything unique such as the digital fingerprints, the user agent, IP addresses, and cookies.

How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts?

How to Create Multiple Instagram Accounts

This section will explore various methods to create multiple Instagram accounts without detection. And from the primary knowledge, you know that using the same browser and device to create more than 5 Instagram accounts is impossible since they will share unique browser fingerprints. This is what is used against your Instagram account. Instead, there are various methods you can use to get work done without hassle. Let us go through some of the available options.

Multiple Gmail Accounts or Phone Numbers

One of the things the Instagram account needs is to verify the account. It not only gets the work done through a mobile phone number but also uses an email address to verify the account. Therefore, you will need multiple emails and phone numbers to verify various Instagram accounts. This means you must have as many email and phone numbers as possible based on the quantity of the account you need to create. Make sure the email addresses are unique.

For this case, we would recommend using Gmail as your provider. Also, note that when creating Gmail, you must remember that you are not allowed to create multiple accounts simultaneously as there is a fix. It would help if you learned more here as well.

Instagram Bulk Account Creator

The second method of creating multiple Instagram accounts is using the Instagram bulk account creator. While there are many tools capable of creating bulk Instagram accounts, we would like to recommend using the tools like PVA Creator. In simple terms, the PVA Creator is an automation tool that effectively creates multiple Instagram accounts as well as other social media accounts.

PVA creator can help you access unlimited numbers to verify your Instagram accounts without hassle. The tool can maintain the browser environment when creating each account and hide the IP address to evade the Instagram anti-bot system. This is a premium tool; thus, be prepared to spend a good amount of money before you get the license.

How to use PVA Creator

The tool automatically creates thousands of Instagram accounts, and adding any website is simple. This section will guide you on creating multiple Instagram accounts using the PVA creator tool.

Step 1: While on the homepage, the first thing is to select Instagram and add the new campaign. From there, input the name and account count. Account count is the number of Instagram accounts you need to make simultaneously.

Step 2: Then import the proxies. Here, we would recommend using one proxy per account for safety purposes.

Step 3: Then proceed to add the username and choose the register method. If you want to use the phone number, you can type in 1. everything will remain empty after selecting the 5sim service by typing 1. Then hit next till you reach the captcha API keys. You can use the 2captcha service automatically to evade the captcha.

Step 4: Then add the API key and choose the phone country you wish to use.

Step 5: When you are done, tap finish, head to the settings, and tap on it.

Step 6: If you want to manage the number of threads, then you can click on the thread count. This number indicates the debug windows you need to operate simultaneously. The bot will proceed to register the number of Instagram accounts you stated until it finishes. If you are using the S5 proxies, never forget to change the proxies. After that, click start and let the program run.

Reliable Proxies

You should be aware that the other thing when creating multiple Instagram accounts is to sue reliable proxies. The fact remains that PVA Creator never works well in isolation. The tool needs to use reliable proxies so that, in the end, the devices use different IP footprints for each account.

Therefore, based on Instagram rigor, we recommend using residential proxies when your budget allows. The other option is mobile proxies. A cheap datacenter is ineffective since Instagram is sensitive and can easily detect them.

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts?

How to Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

Many social management tools are available, such as Sprout Social, SocialPilot, and Crowdfire. Therefore, businesses operating multiple Instagram accounts rely on the above platforms to reach out to the target audience via visual content. Thus, when you have the above tools, you can manage multiple accounts and generate relevant content which resonates with the audience. It is never complicated to manage multiple Instagram accounts with the inception of third-party tools.

With the right tool, you can easily create a particular strategy that helps you manage the accounts and meet the long-term needs of the business without hassle.

Why Do You Need Multiple Instagram Accounts?

Why Do You Need Multiple Instagram Accounts

While Instagram restricts one from having more than five Instagram accounts, there are a lot of benefits you can enjoy with multiple accounts. In this section, we have collected some of the expected benefits as herein:

  • Maintaining different intertest

When you are targeting to keep your followers for a longer time than convert to potential customers, then one thing for sure is you must cater to their experiences. So, when you have multiple Instagram profiles, it becomes simple to manage your online content while targeting a particular interest from the audience.

  • Separating personal and professional life

If you are a marketer or an influencer, it is crucial to separate your personal and professional life. It is good to secrete your private life from your clients, so they never see what you are after over the weekend. Still, it does not make sense to share business-related content with your friends who are not used to them, and the thing is, you are weakening the friendship. Thus, avoid adding colleagues to your Instagram for this reason.

  • Customize your presence in different regions

This is one fothe reaosn why most busienss are capitzlising on mtulple Instagrama ccounts. They help cater to multiple geographic locations. This is because the potential clients from different areas have different preferences. Thus, it is good to focus on the particular region and communicate your message in the language they understand better.

  • Separating the employer brand from the marketing effort

It is also good to have multiple accounts to customize the marketing messages to meet different audiences from different segments. Thus, it is crucial to need an account before coming up with numerous accounts. Therefore, when you create content, ensure that it is unique to the targeted audience and appeals to their interest.

  • Changing privacy settings

Sometimes, you might want to remain anonymous and never let everybody know what you are doing on the platform. This is where you need multiple Instagram accounts where for one account, everyone can access it, including people that you know. Sometimes, you might link the friend to other social media platforms. But to maintain privacy, create multiple accounts and let the others remain anonymous.

  • Create a content strategy for each account

When you have multiple Instagram account for your business, it also means that you are maintaining a different content strategy for every profile. Thus, it becomes easy to think of the good posts which resonate with the audience to get high engagement.

  • Take advantage of the business perks

When you have multiple accounts, then there is a possibility you have a business account. Thus, you can access detailed analytical information, which is essential in growing the audience base. You can then utilize the paid ads while promoting the business; this is not the case with a personal Instagram account.


Instagram limits users to a maximum of five accounts on a single number, email, and device. However, because of the business needs, there are a lot of benefits to creating multiple Instagram accounts. Therefore, we have covered everything you need about multiple Instagram accounts. We have also shared the relevant methods to guide you to generate multiple accounts in no time.

While creating multiple accounts is never an issue, managing them becomes the problem; however, with the relevant third-party tools, handling various accounts and curating appealing content has become simple. Manage each account and make them serve a purpose to be helpful to the audience.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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