How to Get Someones IP from Snapchat

How to Get Someone’s IP from Snapchat

Are you struggling to find the IP addresses of someone on Snapchat? Please read our article and learn simple steps to help you grab someone's IP addresses anonymously.

If you are a social media fanatic, you have ever come across Snapchat besides major social media platforms. This is a well-known application that connects different people worldwide through messaging. Other than sharing images, the application enables users also to share videos.

However, they disappear once viewed. As per its functionality features, you can use Snapchat as a camera too to take videos, photos. That is not all; it can also edit your pictures or videos then add filters before sharing with your friends.

One must register to use this application. When registering, it is mandatory to provide your email address or phone number, name, and date of birth. Therefore, you will be given a handle which is a username. You can connect with friends by searching for them or uploading your contacts. You can also add friends through SnapCode.

However, you might also get and interact with strangers on Snapchat. Building trust in such people becomes hectic. Knowing them better is by tracking their IP addresses to find their locations. Therefore, in this article, we will guide you on how to get someone's IP addresses from Snapchat. You can then use their IP addresses to trace locations and monitor them. You only need to follow these steps keenly.

Use Snap Map Tool

The first method to track the IP addresses of someone on Snapchat is to use the snap map tool. This is a tool introduced by Snapchat itself as a real-time feature. You can use it to view snaps worldwide and find the IP addresses and locations.

Snap map tool lets you access not only a friend's real-time location but also see snaps taken from multiple locations using hotspots found on the headmap. Still, you can use the tool to find stories shared publicly on the map.

So, for you to use this tool in tracking someone's IP addresses, the target person must first enable location sharing on their Snapchat application. After that, follow these steps to find the IP addresses:

Step 1: Launch the Snapchat application on your mobile device. It can be iPhone or android.

Step 2: Go to the home screen of Snapchat and then pull a snap map tool from the top downward.

Step 3: Snap map tool will open, and you will be positioned to access the current location. You can widen the map using your thumb and index finger.

Step 4: You will see Bigmoj or figures of your friends on the snap map tool. It indicates their real-time location but is only possible when a friend has enabled location sharing.

Step 5: You can search for a friend using a glass symbol found on the top left corner of your screen.

Step 6: Then input the username of the target person/ handle on the search bar.

Step 7: When you are done searching, the tool will display the real-time location of the target person. It will also show you other details such as local time, weather and the city.

While it is easy to use the snap map tool, it has limitations. First, it only works when the target person has enabled location sharing on their Snapchat applications. And only for this reason there is a need to find another reliable method when a user fails to allow their location sharing on the app.

Use an IP Logger

The second and most reliable method of finding someone's IP address on Snapchat is the use of an IP Logger. In simple term, an IP Logger is a tool that you can use to generate a unique link and track the IP address of any user that click on it.

They are best known as IP grabbers. In other words. in other situations, they are the best URL shorteners where a target person won't be able to detect it when grabbing their IP addresses.

There are multiple IP loggers online. Therefore, Grabify would be effective in our guide. Grabify is efficient and effective when grabbing the IP addresses of someone on Snapchat and any social media platform. While the tool is simple and easy, it is also free. when you are stuck, follow these step by step procedures to grab the IP address of your friend on Snapchat:-

Step 1: Get exciting content online that your target person might like reading, watching, or viewing. Then copy its URL. It can be video content or blog to serve as bait.

Step 2: Open another tab and visit the Grabify website. On the homepage, paste your URL on an input field or spacebar.

Grabify ip loggers

Step 3: Then tap on create URL  to generate a short URL for the next step. You will also get a tracking code vital in getting IPs logged on the shortened URL with the shortened URL. Copy shortened URL and tracking code.

Grabify IP tracking service

Step 4: Launch your Snapchat, then locate the target person. Engage the target, convince them through messaging and let them click on your unique URL. Even though it will redirect the user to the entertaining content, the request will first go to Grabify, which tracks the IP addresses, before routing the request to the actual link. The target person cannot suspect anything happening.

Step 5: When you are sure that your target clicked on the link, step back to grabify the website and use the tracking code to input on the spacebar or input field.

Step 6: Then tap on the tracking code button instead of creating a URL. You will access any Ip address that clicks on the link. Grabify will also let you access the user's location on Snapchat, their OS, and many other data.

Grabify ip details

The possibility of you achieving your target depends on your capability to convince the target person on Snapchat.

How to Avoid IP Tracking on Snapchat

Since it is possible to track the IP addresses of some on Snapchat, hackers are taking advantage of this idea. Therefore, anyone is not immune to tracking unless you avoid any links on Snapchat. An excellent method to prevent IP tracking is spoofing the real IP addresses using a different one.

Any IP grabber will not be able to trace your real IP. Therefore, the primary reliable method is to use VPNs like NordVPN, SurfShark, or ExpressVPN. They are effective and guarantee you online privacy and improve speed as well. Secondly, you can also use proxy servers. Many premium proxy providers sell proxies at an affordable price.


Tracking the IP addresses of someone on Snapchat is simple. Though Snapchat is an excellent platform to socialize and connect with people, hackers can still use it to trace your IP address, profile, and access to your computer.

Many marketers and influencers need your IP addresses to curate and customize their product ads to increase conversion, bring in leads and increase sales. Since hackers can use advanced skills to track you using IP addresses, it is good to mask your real IP using proxies or VPNs to be safe online. Otherwise, the above methods effectively track someone's IP addresses on Snapchat.

Last Updated on December 12, 2023

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